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I went to Dr. To when he was still in Centreville at Dr. Ackerman and Associates. He told me he was unable to tell his clients he was opening up his own practice, but my husband got it out of the hygienist at his last cleaning. And even though we moved to Fairfax, it’s worth the drive out to Chantilly to see Dr. To.

See, I’m one of those people with bad teeth. Not English bad or anything, but I have sensitivity, soft enamel, and I grind my teeth at night. Going to the dentist is always bad news for me, in other words. And expensive.

But Dr. To has been great to work with. He always explains procedures thoroughly and clearly. He’s professional, courteous, and goes out of his way to make sure his clients are comfortable. He even called me the evening after an appointment to check in and make sure I wasn’t experiencing any tooth pain.

He’s made me two night guards, put in a crown, and redone a couple fillings. I’ve had great experiences with all. Well, as great as dentistry can be. His new facility in Chantilly is sparkling. And you can even watch DVDs while you’re getting procedures done.

Leah F. (Fairfax, VA)

I found Dr. To after a horrible experience with another dentist so I was a little nervous but let me tell you he is a wonderful dentist. Dr. To is a true professional his bedside manner is wonderful and he really knows his business; he won’t quit until its right even a simple cleaning is done thoroughly. I have had several visits over the past year and I happily drive 45 minutes to see him and will recommend him to anyone that ask, Dr. To is simply the best.

His office is clean and top of the line and his staff is always very professional and friendly.

Tenicia W. (Stafford, VA)

I ended up visiting Dr. To as a result of the previous glowing review here on Yelp. I can confirm Dr. To is an excellent dentist. I have seen 4 different dentists over the last 5 years as a result of constantly moving, and he was hands down the best.

I’ll start with the fact that he spends a LOT of time with you. I didn’t have a cavity or any other complication and I still spent close to 30 minutes with the doctor. I’ve been to many dentists who don’t spend longer than 30 second of their own time, choosing instead to leave you almost entirely to their dental assistant.

His office is brand new and well lit. No 80s finishes or ugly florescent glow, each room is spacious and naturally illuminated through large windows. The space is impeccably clean and the equipment feels modern. Though I didn’t watch any, there are TVs at each of the chairs.

Billing was easy with my dental insurance and the staff was very friendly. Overall a very positive and professional experience that left me with very clean and happy teeth.

Greg S. (Washington, D.C.)

I lost track of Dr. To when he left his old office to start his own practice. I realized that when I came out of an appointment and both kids said that ”The new dentist wasn’t Dr. To” and needed to track him down.My kids love him because he takes extra care in making them feel special each and every time they come. I still don’t’ know how he remembers all the stuff they tell him when they are back in the chair…but he does.My experience with Dr. To is similar to my kids- expect that I can add he always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

I recently had some veneers put on my two front teeth. After I bleached my teeth the veneer color didn’t match exactly…which was totally MY FAULT, but he insisted that I needed to be 100% happy with my teeth and he replaced the veneers at no charge.

Nancy S. (Clifton, VA)

I absolutely agree with all the above comments on Dr. To’s wonderful and gracious bedside manner and how he makes you feel like you’re not an imposition with all your questions.

I moved from Southern California and was anxious to find a new dentist that has the same exemplary cleanliness, wonderful staff and a doctor who I felt listened to me and my dental concerns. All I can say is I hit the jackpot twice…one on each coast! I was referred to Dr. To’s office by the pediatric dentist next door whom my daughter goes to see, Dr. Julie is wonderful too! Both doctors are very, very, very accommodating.

Dr. To and his wife have always greeted me with a warm, genuine smile…a rare office etiquette these days! I highly recommend this dental practice to anyone wanting to feel like an appreciated client.

Maxine H. (South Riding, VA)

I needed a cleaning and a filling and he is just down the complex from my offices — met him in the parking lot and liked him. Unsatisfied with my previous dentist because his staff was unfriendly and they were constantly surprising me at the end of the appointments with unexpected charges like floride treatments and panoramic x-rays more often than really necessary.
I have been using Dr. To since he opened his practice 18 months or so ago. He has an extremely gentle, pleasant and articulate personality and a very light touch. He has a good sense of humor, he knows his business and he is completely open about charges, insurance and is willing to work with you. He has a small staff of cheerful and helpful people. His offices are airy and pleasant with flat screens on the feet of the chairs for your entertainment and consultation. I have sent my husband, who is very uncomfortable with dentists, for a trial cleaning and now he is an enthusiastic patient. My kids have made the transition happily. I highly recommend this dentist, you will not be disappointed. He even has Saturday hours which is a total blessing.He cleaned my teeth with great care and put in a great composite filling.

Diane K. (Clifton, VA)

Dr. To has done several fillings for my son and a crown replacement and bite guard for myself. Everything has gone very well, and pain free. It appears to be a new practice based on the new facility–although the doctor is not new. The facility is extremely clean and very modern. Because it appears to be a new practice I don’t think his schedule is full so it has been easy to get in on short notice. Despite that the office staff is clearly experienced because they’ve been able to deal with my dual insurance providers with no problem (I’ve had other places refuse to bother). I’ll be going to Dr. To for the foreseeable future.

Alexander D. (Chantilly, VA)

After reading Leah’s review (it was the only one at the time), I sent my husband to Dr To since his office was convenient to my husband’s work. I also needed a dentist after retiring from the military but I wanted my husband to check him out first. My husband was extremely impressed and said it was the most thorough and gentle cleaning he has ever had. I made my appointment and was equally impressed. I have sensitive teeth with receding gums so cleaning is usually the worst experience for me. He was so thorough and didn’t hit a sensitive spot once during the entire cleaning. I’ve also been back to have other procedures and can agree with every other reviewer. He takes time to make sure you understand options and costs and to answer any and all of your questions. He cares very much that you are satisfied. He is such a gracious person with a wonderful bedside manner I totally trust his opinion. His office is state-of-the-art and I plan to switch both of my children to Dr To. He has convenient weekend appointments as well. I also drive 45 min to see Dr To.

Jean M. (Nokesville, VA)

This is by far the best experience I have had at the dentist. Dr. To is truly amazing. I had a complete transformation with my smile. After experiencing this, there is no better dentist.

My initial examination was thorough. Dr. To discussed with me my entire situation and plan of attack to getting my mouth healthy. This man made sure I understood every word. We scheduled out about four appoints over the course of the month. As I was walking to the front, to actually schedule the darn thing, he tells the receptionist that before I left I need to know exactly what my insurance covered, and what was going to be the cost for me. I left there with a complete understanding of everything, procedures and insurance. That made me feel amazing and confident.

After experiencing a deep cleaning, three fillings, a teeth whitening and will have a crown put in. I can proudly tell you Dr. To is amazing. He offers an extremely personalized dental experience. A dentist that actually talks to you and gets to know you. If you need dental care please take your business to Chantilly Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. You will get the absolute best care with state of the art equipment, and Dr. To!

Thanks Dr. To and Staff,

Matthew F. Magazu (Fairfax, VA)

(571) 287-7301