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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Chantilly

If you have a cavity, there’s no need to fret. Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures we encounter at our practice. For fillings in Chantilly, schedule an appointment with our friendly dental staff.

Cavities may seem like a small problem, but they can quickly grow worse (and more painful) if left untreated. At Chantilly Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we recommend coming in every six months for a routine checkup. If we find signs of tooth decay, our dentist can repair it with a filling. Our office offer composite (tooth-colored) fillings and amalgam (silver) fillings.

What are Tooth-Colored Fillings?
We use a mixture of glass or quartz filler in a resin medium that produces a tooth-colored filling. They are sometimes referred to as composites or filled resins. The tooth-colored composite material makes it perfect for filling cavities in your visible teeth, ensuring a more seamless restoration. Composite fillings provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small-to-mid size restorations that need to withstand moderate chewing pressure. The composite material is also used to repair chipped, worn down or broken teeth.

Less tooth structure is removed when the dentist prepares the tooth, and this may result in a smaller filling than that of an amalgam. Composites can also be “bonded” or adhesively held in a cavity, often allowing our dentist to make a more conservative repair to the tooth. With good oral hygiene, your tooth-colored filling will last around five to seven years.

What are Silver Fillings?
These fillings are made of a mixture of metals including silver, tin, copper and mercury. The mixture is strong, long-lasting and durable. This makes silver fillings perfect for repairing the back teeth, which experience the most wear as you primarily use them to chew. Amalgam fillings are stronger and less expensive than composite fillings, but their metallic appearance makes them poorly suited for restoration of visible teeth.

Despite concerns about the mercury in amalgam, the tiny traces of it are so small as to be considered safe for use in fillings. Silver fillings have been used in dentistry for over 150 years and are approved by the FDA for the treatment of patients of all ages.

We can repair your teeth in just one appointment. For fillings in Chantilly, call our office at (571) 287-7301 today. Our friendly and professional staff is here to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

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